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              about us

              contact us

              National Service Hotline:


              Shanghai Portable Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd.

              Sales hotline: 56108077

              After-sales hotline: 56108077

              Mailbox: sales@helpzone.cn

              Address: 208D, Building 1, Caida Science and Technology Park, Yangpu District, Shanghai

              current location: Home >> Company Overview >> Company Profile

              Shanghai Portable Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, sales, installation, commissioning and service. It provides a complete set of solution services for customers. The company's business involves: video surveillance system, anti-theft alarm system, Access control attendance system, building intercom system, public broadcasting, background music system, parking system, video conferencing system, computer room environment monitoring system, catering system and other intelligent integrated systems, providing design, installation, commissioning and training for customers. And maintain an integrated integrated service system.

              The company has the technical strength composed of middle and senior engineering and technical personnel and skilled construction personnel, with the goal of technical excellence, dedication and customer satisfaction. With deep technical accumulation, continuous technology tracking, advanced service concept and professional service team, the company provides customers with cost-effective, reliable quality and stable operation projects with integrity and integrity. It is the consensus of all our employees to provide our customers with the most reliable technical prevention system with exquisite technology, excellent equipment, excellent service and reliable quality assurance system. Based on such a guiding ideology, we have consistently adhered to in the long-term work practice: using high technology, selecting high-quality equipment, demanding product quality, paying attention to technical training, and attaching importance to after-sales service.

              Since its establishment, the company has undertaken many monitoring projects, security projects, and weak electricity projects. Its performance has spread across government agencies, financial systems, various markets, hotels, military units, schools, residential quarters and other industries, and has won a good reputation in the industry. The company believes in the principle of "quality first, customer first". With good products, strong technology, rich experience, perfect after-sales, and preferential prices, the company's projects are increasing and its strength is continuously enhanced. A large number of quality projects. With the efforts of all employees, the company's market share has expanded year by year, and its strength has been continuously enhanced. In the field of intelligent weak electricity engineering, more and more customers have been won with high-quality engineering, reliable products and good services, and the company itself has grown. It is a high-end engineering company with strong technical strength and excellent service support.

              The company pursues: establish industry standard image and build industry standard project.

              The company's purpose: scientific design, reliable products, strict construction, good after-sales.

              Company's goal: to provide users with safe, reliable, cost-effective, and well-equipped engineering projects.

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