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              about us

              contact us

              National Service Hotline:


              Shanghai Portable Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd.

              Sales hotline: 56108077

              After-sales hotline: 56108077

              Mailbox: sales@helpzone.cn

              Address: 208D, Building 1, Caida Science and Technology Park, Yangpu District, Shanghai

              current location: Home >> Company Overview >> company advantage

              First, technical advantages: strong technical force, numerous engineering cases

              Shanghai Portable Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. integrates engineering design, installation and maintenance into a weak system integration enterprise. At present, the company has 9 engineers and technicians, including 2 senior engineers, 3 intermediate engineers, 4 junior engineers and technicians, and more than 20 construction teams. The company has obtained the third-class qualification of "Safety Technology Prevention System Design, Construction and Maintenance Qualification", and can provide professional engineering design, construction and maintenance services for all kinds of large, medium and small users. The company attaches great importance to the study and accumulation of professional technology, and sincerely provides customers with a series of professional technical services from "program design - product selection - engineering installation - equipment commissioning - after-sales maintenance", so that customers have also obtained the most perfect choice. Technical support.

              The company has undertaken many monitoring projects, security projects, and weak electricity projects, with performance in various industries. Among them are: Heshuo Wood Industry (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Shanghai Guanjing Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., People's Electric Appliances, Shanghai Volkswagen Taxi Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tianxiang Hotel, Shanghai Jiacheng Property Co., Ltd., and Jiading Industry and Commerce Bureau. COSCO Logistics Base, Xietong Group, Rujia Hotel, SF Express Jiading Warehouse, Jiading Taoyuan Community, Jiading Taoliyuan Primary School, Jiading Chinese Medicine Hospital, Jiayuan Building, Rubinson Shopping Plaza, Institute of Physics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Poly Real Estate, etc. The company has extensive construction experience in hundreds of medium and large-scale engineering projects, and currently has more than 50 customers providing maintenance services.

              Second, the service advantage: free home to see the venue, discussion requirements, careful design, continuous improvement, strict construction, and good after-sales

              As a professional integrated weak electricity engineering company, Shanghai Portable Multimedia Technology Co., Ltd. not only provides users with world-class weak current systems, but also provides integrated solutions and supporting services for users, and sends professionals to conduct detailed site exploration and detailed Understand Party A's requirements and design a reasonable plan; project implementation consists of project managers, engineers, construction team personnel, strictly in accordance with the contract requirements, comply with relevant laws and regulations, complete the project on time and quality; provide timely maintenance by professional maintenance personnel, Efficient after sales service. Create a model project that will satisfy customers and be assured.

              Third, the price advantage

              Based on the most suitable solution for users, the most cost-effective products, and the most cost-effective construction costs, we will provide high-quality services to customers with the best profit and the best price. In terms of supplier channels: we have established close partnerships with many well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers. Agent products have camera guns: international brands Samsung, Sony, Bosch, domestic famous brands Ai Nuoji, Yuhao; DVR: international brands: Sharp, Sony, domestic famous brands: Hikvision, Dahua; and video intercom : Huiruitong; parking system: Bailing Jieshun Xin Yinhai; conference system: redwood trees and so on. According to the needs of customers, the company provides suitable products for selection.

              Self-confidence, self-discipline, self-reliance and self-reliance: to provide customers with high-quality and maximum value of professional products and services, to win customers' understanding, respect and support with sincerity and strength.

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