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              LCD splicing prices are lower, and the civilian market may rise


              With the increasing application of Shanghai LED splicing screen products, the competition in the industry is gradually heating up, which prompts LCD splicing manufacturers to upgrade their own technology and control the cost of production, so as to effectively control the LCD splicing products. The final price and provide better service. In addition, the LCD splicing large screen has so many super-excellent comprehensive effects, especially in terms of screen size and visual shock, the application advantages of LCD splicing in public entertainment places are definitely more than a little. Therefore, we also have reason to believe that, driven by market demand, LCD splicing products will definitely show their talents in entertainment venues in the future.

              As the economy continues to improve, people's demands for quality of life are constantly changing. Nowadays, the guests who come to the bar are increasingly demanding video display devices that represent the brand image, reflect the upgrade function and have a strong modern sense. high. In addition to the price advantage of flat-panel TVs and projections traditionally used in bars, compared with LCD splicing products, you will find that they have certain technical and effect deficiencies, such as the size limit of flat-panel TVs. Because of the brightness, the projection effect will be affected by the brightness in the strong environment, and these can be easily solved in the face of LCD splicing technology. Therefore, with the price reduction, entertainment users are generally optimistic. And accept LCD splicing products.

              LCD splicing

              LCD splicing screen products with high brightness, high definition, low power consumption, light weight, long service life (usually working about 60,000 hours), no radiation, up to 97% color saturation, uniform brightness, bright color The advantages, such as the application in the KTV exhibition hall, the clear and smooth display effect, the pleasing color and the delicate sense, can let all the customers who come to the store to enjoy the different vision brought by the large screen stitching. feast.

              In line with the needs of the market, Longman will continue to improve its own technology, to provide customers with more high-quality and low-cost LCD splicing wall products and considerate services, to promote the benign competition of the entire market, to bring win-win to the users of entertainment venues The situation.

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