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              What is the future development trend of LED display technology?


              At present, people say and see the creative LED display screen. Most of the LED floor tiles in Shanghai are “can be done according to the needs, how much you want to do” and “can do different shapes of LED display according to demand”. But this is just a few simple shape ideas, lacking interactivity. In the future of creative LED display, creative LED display manufacturer Da Yuan Intelligent believes that it is necessary to add considerable artistic elements. With the joint efforts of the whole industry, with the sound and shadow technology, the new creative LED display will be even more embarrassing.

              The "Tree of Life" project of Xi'an Gpark Crystal Plaza is called "the most creative and difficult LED display project in history". The project uses nearly 2000 square meters of crystal LED devices to integrate high-tech elements of sound, light and electricity. Reflected by the crystal texture, the shocking sound effect brings a strong visual impact. Combined with the large stage design, it will satisfy the future commercial performances, festivals, fashion brand releases and urban romantic dates in Xi'an. In the sound, light and electricity, the powerful three-dimensional sound image brings the audience into an artistic space, and the world of infinite imagination shines in the sky above the ancient city.

              We can't imagine such a project before. From the "hardware", if there is no flexible module, we can't make a tree. Without the latest LED control system, sound and shadow can't be perfectly integrated into the entire project. “Creative display” is not achievable by the terminal manufacturer “single-handed horse”. In the material, it may need special-shaped module or flexible module to assist. In software, the control system needs to customize the point-to-point control of the display body structure.

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