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              What type of LED display is suitable for outdoor use?


              Determinants of LED display clarity

              Before guiding everyone to choose an outdoor LED display model, let us first look at the decision factors of the LED display clarity, which helps us to choose the right product for our application.

              1, pixel points: Because they are indoor surface mount technology, so the two models are red, green and blue three-in-one. The dot pitch is the basis for distinguishing the LED display models and also determines the final display of the LED display. The P5 model point spacing technology has been the leader in the field of high-definition displays many years ago, with a resolution of 40,000 pixels per square.

              2, screen brightness: indoor surface mount technology is a scan drive, brightness requirements are generally 1600CD / m2 or more, in semi-outdoor, or indoor window position must choose a brightness greater than 2500CD / m2 or even higher brightness models.

              3, line of sight and effect Previous stage, venue and various activities used in the background large screen is generally P5 or more rough models. Generally, you can clearly see the picture when you are around 10M, but just after two steps, you will see a full-screen particle point. Nowadays, various performing arts careers are developing rapidly. Indoor LED displays generally use P3 and P4 models, and HD is P2.5.

              Here to remind you: Shanghai LED floor tile screen selection screen, must consider the size, use requirements, installation viewing environment, budget to consider comprehensively, if the viewing position is not harsh, indoor full color LED display is very effective Indistinguishable, such as P3 and P4 mentioned above, but the finer the model, the more expensive it is.

              According to the actual situation, choose the appropriate model

              1, "P" - represents the distance between pixels, the number represents a few millimeters of distance, the smaller the pixel, the denser the point, the clearer the video effect, suitable for small-area, close-range requirements of user selection, The opposite distance is greater. The more loose the point, the more suitable for large-face, long-distance viewing customers to buy! Indoor LED display model recommendation: The hotel banquet hall or stage 20 square meters display is suitable for P4 and P5 models, such as the conference room 12 square meters display suitable for P2 and P2.5 models.

              Outdoor LED display model recommendations: such as outdoor advertising 50 square meters can choose P5 and P6 models, 50-100 square meters display can choose P8 model, 100 square meters or more optional P10. The specific model selection is based on the comprehensive factors such as viewing distance and required clarity.

              2, here to remind the majority of users ready to buy LED display, not the more dense the display screen must be cost-effective, more suitable for your use, can be considered according to the size of the area, viewing distance requirements, our professional sales The staff will give you the appropriate advice for your actual situation.

              On the occasion of the summer, please let the new and old customers do outdoor LED display to prevent rain, lightning and even high temperature work. If you do not understand the place, welcome to consult the well-known LED display manufacturer Da Yuan smart.

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