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              How to install and debug full color LED display


              When I first contacted the full-color led display installation and debugging, many led display manufacturers did not have instructions, so the users are all awkward, now led display manufacturers Rui Ling Optoelectronics teaches you how to install and debug the led display.

              Full color LED electronic display hardware installation and debugging:

              1 Insert the DVI display card into the motherboard AGP socket, and then configure the driver;

              2 Insert the data card into the PCI slot on the motherboard;

              3 connect the DVI and AGP interfaces installed above;

              4 connect the RS232 serial port to the data line;

              5 connected to the receiving card by the network cable; the specific number is according to the project drawings;

              6 Check that the connection is correct and then perform the setup and power-on test.

              Shanghai LED display full color led electronic display software installation configuration:

              1 Display card driver installation: Put the display card driver CD into the CD-ROM drive to automatically enter the installation state, follow the prompts to complete the operation; pay attention to configure DX9 and then install the driver; finally configure the display card control program.

              2 video playback software: install LED large screen dedicated player and set software or other control software; put the attached application software CD into the CD-ROM drive, copy or install to the computer in the correct order.

              3 full color led electronic display installation and debugging success

              other instructions:

              1 Check if the wiring is correct, including the connection of the strong electric cable, the signal data line wiring is not correct, the most important is that the receiving card and the sending card are not receiving correctly (the receiving card has a direction).

              2 Check that the system cable is correct.

              3 Whether the computer software part is successfully installed, including the installation of the display card driver and control software.


              1 Follow the steps in the User Manual;

              2 anti-humidity standard: the highest working temperature, LED display should be less than 92 relative humidity

              3 temperature standard requirements: working environment temperature -20 ° C ≤: T ≤ 80 ° C storage environment temperature -40 ° C ≤: T ≤ 60 ° C

              4 power supply voltage should meet the standard requirements: LED display power supply voltage: 220V ± 10 frequency: 50Hz ± 5

              Ensure safe grounding, ground and neutral separation wiring and access voltage away from high-power electrical equipment.

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