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              Big screen interaction
              Big screen interaction

              Big screen interaction

              • category:Big screen interaction
              • Release date:2019-09-17
              24-hour free consultation hotline:56108077
              • product description
              • Performance characteristics
              • Technical Parameters
              • Specific function

              1. Attracting people, the novel interactive effect will inevitably attract and guide the flow of visitors, while good design and artistic effects add an interactive atmosphere to the museum.

              2, the guiding direction, can be used as a functional type, such as intelligent museum guidelines, inquiries, more humane than the traditional signage query screen.

              3, non-contact communication, more humane, while reducing the bacterial infection caused by human contact.

              4. Economic benefits, new media art can be made into real-time interactive advertising, allowing visitors to interact with promotional content, increasing the visibility of the museum, deepening the impression of visitors to the museum, and the museum is advertised while entertaining the audience. .

              Interactive projection system platform form includes

              Ground interactive projection display platform, fa?ade interactive projection display platform, spherical interactive display platform, countertop interactive display platform.

              Interactive projection technology development level

              At present, the virtual interactive technology has completed the human-computer interaction part, and there are many simulations with the natural or virtual world. The reaction delay of interactive projection is within 0.05 seconds. Renguang Technology's human-computer interaction is less than 0.01 seconds, which is comparable to similar foreign products and is a leading position in China.

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