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              Digital pavilion
              Digital pavilion

              Digital pavilion

              • category:Digital pavilion
              • Release date:2019-09-17
              24-hour free consultation hotline:56108077
              • product description
              • Performance characteristics
              • Technical Parameters
              • Specific function

              The digital exhibition hall uses digital means to realize the functions of collection preservation, display display, scientific research and social education, and builds a virtual world exhibition hall; digital display technology can vividly reproduce culture, education, development, enterprise, etc. in the use of exhibition halls. Historical changes, three-dimensional blueprint for future development; at the same time, combined with leading technology such as interaction, the exhibition hall has a sense of science and technology and a sense of futuristic, mainly in three-dimensional and vivid, in the most intuitive way while giving viewers a shock and a sense of shock. Show the real space and virtual space to the fullest.

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