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              Arc screen digital sand table
              Arc screen digital sand table

              Arc screen digital sand table

              • category:Digital sand table
              • Release date:2019-09-17
              24-hour free consultation hotline:56108077
              • product description
              • Performance characteristics
              • Technical Parameters
              • Specific function

              Arc screen digital sand table

              The curved metal projection screen is combined with the sandbox to display the digital content. The arc screen digital sandbox uses the projection fusion technology to process the images projected by multiple projectors, and the arc screen and the physical sand disk are bi-directionally demonstrated, which can fully display the location features. Wait.

              Digital sandbox features

              1. It is not restricted by space venues and can be carried around and displayed anywhere.

              2, a variety of high-tech display sand table content.

              3, you can change the sand table content at any time, you can also carry out secondary development.

              Digital sandbox advantage

              1. Strong interactive experience: The digital sandbox has a seamless scale conversion function, which can render ultra-high resolution images in real time. The full digital image brings not only visual sensory stimulation, but also provides an unparalleled interactive experience.

              2, the display method is novel: the digital sand table is not unconventional in the content display. The design method has both traditional innovation and modern high-tech technology. The large model scene is grand and the small model layout is exquisite.

              3. Comprehensive information display: The digital sand disk under the three-screen linkage can be controlled by the touch screen, and the information can be jointly transmitted through the information screen and the space screen. The information screen can directly retrieve the charts, texts, photos, and photos through the city basic geographic information and planning information database. Video and other types of information, and equipped with synchronized spatial screen 3D scenes.

              4. Maximize space utilization: Make full use of limited space, design digital sandbox area and take into account the function of multi-function hall. Use simple operation to convert space function and realize the value of maximizing space utilization.

              5, with a control system, all control systems automatically run according to the pre-programmed operating procedures, from the power to the power supply, and do not need artificial control, automatic operation.

              Digital sandbox shortcomings

              1. Compared with traditional sand table, the price of digital sand table is relatively high, but the digital sand table is cost-effective and can be used multiple times. The high degree of intelligence and the detailed content of the content can save a lot of labor costs. It is a good deal to be integrated. Input.

              2, affected by the lighting effect, so you need to pay attention to this aspect when making digital sandbox.

              Digital sand table display parameters:

                 Sand table system: Projection equipment   Interactive systemInduction equipment (camera, infrared light)  Back projection:Projection equipment (projector, input source)

                           Sand table                Interactive software(fingers-touh)            Professional projection screen(Gain less than 1) 

                           Touch screen             acquisition device (professional video capture card)            edge fuse (MVB-p)

                 Intelligent central control     sound system:Power amplifier


                                     Audio Line

              Digital sandbox display function

              1. It can simulate the flight and tour the entire area scene, and carry out detailed and comprehensive viewing for the key buildings;

              2, can dynamically load data of different scales, to achieve seamless zooming and reduction;

              3. Three-dimensional facilities such as buildings, roads, trees, and people can be added. In the three-dimensional environment, the height and angle can be adjusted at will;

              4. It can display geographical coordinates and height information in real time, and label text information such as place names, road names, building names, bridge names, etc.;

              5, you can arbitrarily query detailed attributes, photos, videos and other information. Through the digital sand table, you can see the location distribution, road network distribution, etc. of the entire area.

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