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              Interactive projection
              Interactive projection

              Interactive projection

              • category:Interactive projection
              • Release date:2019-09-17
              24-hour free consultation hotline:56108077
              • product description
              • Performance characteristics
              • Technical Parameters
              • Specific function

              The interactive projection system is the most technologically advanced advertising and entertainment interactive system in the world; the interactive audio and video system provides an unusual and exciting effect system for advertising and entertainment, suitable for all public indoor venues, especially leisure, shopping and entertainment. And educational places. In 2013, the virtual interactive technology has completed the human-computer interaction part, and there are many simulations with natural or virtual worlds. The interactive projection has a response delay of 0.05 seconds, which is comparable to similar foreign products and is a leading position in China.


              互动模式: 多人多点

              帧率    : 60FPS

              响应时间: <15毫秒


              多应用于科技馆、规划馆、博物馆、行业展馆、主题展馆、企业展厅等诸多常年展馆/展览会现场/商场/大卖场/酒店宾馆/酒吧/迪厅KTV/新产品发布、促销活动/ 婚庆婚典/写字楼/演出场馆/广场等传统用多媒体技术无法实现的场所.。

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